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If you ever plan to motor west
Travel my way, take the highway that's the best.
Get your kicks on Route 66!

Nat "King" Cole

Get those bags packed, use the bathroom and pile into the car. It's time for summer vacation. Thanks to the Web we'll travel not just over the road but also back in time to the Golden Age of the American automobile. Back to when a "Happy Meal" was one my sister didn't puke after and "heavy metal" came from Detroit and had tail fins. Now that was living!

It's great being on the road again. Dad's new Desoto looks like a dream and rides like a luxury liner. He got a great deal on a new '61 from the folks at Homepage Desoto. It even came with an RCA automatic record player that plays your favorite 45s while you drive. Imagine hearing Elvis anytime you want!

If you're not a Desoto fan, there's plenty of other big iron at the 100 Years of the American Automobile: A Portfolio site. For a serious road trip like this one make sure you choose something from the tailfin era.

Where are we headed? From St. Louis, Route 40 is a good choice. It once stretched from Atlantic City's Boardwalk to San Francisco's Golden Gate. In our area a lot of it has disappeared under I-64 in Missouri and I-70 in Illinois, but the Route 40 - National Road home page can help us discover what's left and revisit what's been lost.

Of course, the best choice is the most famous highway of all, Route 66. "It winds from Chicago to LA, More than two thousand miles all the way." And it's all there on the Route 66 Web site - "Where the Mother Road meets the Information Superhighway" - which offers a detailed description of the entire route. That should come in handy considering how Dad is about not asking for directions.

Even with all that information, the simplest things can go wrong and spoil a dream vacation. I guess that's why Mom's been checking out The Mining Copany's Travel With Kids section. I have a feeling we won't be singing "One Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall" this year. And Dad has been looking over the WWW Speedtrap Registry which has information on hundreds of speed traps all over the country. I guess he doesn't want to listen to Mom say, "I told you the speed limit was 55" again this year. It has a way of spoiling his mood.

Speaking of moods, if I don't get out of this car soon, I'll go crazy. Why don't we spend the night at the Coral Courts Motel page and get an early start in the morning?

Say, isn't that Elaine? And hey! Who's that she's with?

Next week: Are we there yet?

P.S. If anyone knows of a site featuring Stuckey's pecan logs, please contact the author.

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